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August 16, 2017

AMD Vega 64 Price Increase



Okay so it looks like AMDs Vega 64 is going up in price. Vega 64 was supposed to launch at $499 USD or £450 UK, but it now looks like the 64 models will see a price hike.

According to a post made on the Overclockers UK forum, staff member ‘Gibbo’ has made a statement about Vegas pricing. The message is as follows

Now the good and bad news, the good news is AMD are rebating early launch sales to allow us to hit £449.99 on the stand alone black card which has no games.

This is a launch only price which AMD at present are saying will be withdrawn in the near future, when if it happens is unknown, but remember do not be shocked if the price jumps nearly £100 in a few days. This time round there is no early adopter tax, quite the opposite on the stand alone black card, so do be quick.

Now this has come from an employee and not AMD directly, but it could more than likely bare some truth. This is backed up by the Overclockers store showing pre-order prices of the red/black 64 at £548.99. This is near as damn it a £100 markup over launch price.


The limited edition 64 will also see a hike to £599.99 instead of the launch price of £548.99.


The liquid cooled 64 will also see an increase from £638.99 to £699.98. These screens were taken at 3:10pm on the 16/08/2017 so whether the prices will revert back, its hard to tell, but I will keep an eye on it and update the post if anything changes. Also note that these cards will ship with a copy of Wolfstein 2 and Prey which have a value of £60, but how long that will be an option for, I can’t say. I can’t imagine it’ll last long and likely just be an introductory offer.



So what does this mean. Could there be shortage of Vega? It looks set to be popular and do have pre-orders open, so its hard to tell how quickly they’ll sell out. But with prices ranging from £579.99 for the MSI variant to £611.99 for the XFX version and it’s, well not cheap. In fact that’s almost £80 more expensive than the cheapest GTX 1080. Which is not great for AMD as the 1080 has been shown (so far) to outperform it.

And its even worse if you opt for the watercooled option as that throws it inline with the 1080ti. That’s not great to be honest as I personally don’t see the Vega 64 toppling the 1080ti anytime soon. So its not looking like Vega is as good value as we’d hoped, I really wanted Vega to hit Nvidia and cause a real upset, but with prices almost £80 more than the nearest rival, it makes Vega a hard sell. If it trounced Nvidia in gaming, then maybe, but as it doesn’t (for now) it’s hard to sell it for gaming.

On the other side of this, you could say that these early tests don’t do AMD any favours as games aren’t fully optimised for Vega yet, thus giving Nvidia an advantage. The GTX has had an extra year or so to become what it is and it shows. I would say give Vega some time and it may catch up, but then again Nvidia will have likely announced Volta by then and then it’s back to square one and AMD is again playing catch up.

Vega 64 really could have been the thorn in Nvidias side, but what these early reports and benchmarks show, its not looking good so far. Maybe with time, prices will drop and benchmark numbers will go up, but for now it looks like Nvidia still reigns supreme.


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