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February 3, 2014

Apex Launcher release v2.3 With updates and fixes

apexlauncherWhen it comes to home screen replacements or, launchers as they are generally know. Apex is, along with three or four others at the top of the list. Not all the updates within Apex are for the free version as shown in the changelog below. Apex Launcher adds quite a few options to this update. It includes plenty of fixes, but also some new features.Apex Launcher Hits v2.3 With App Sorting  Updated Notifications  And More (1)

Here’s the full changelog from Apex 2.3.

  • Sort apps in drawer (pro)
  • Support Apex Notifier v2.0
  • Added icon label shadow in drawer
  • Fixed app/shortcut picker style
  • Fixed notification action/gesture on TouchWiz
  • Fixed indicator animation
  • Updated translations

So, the app sorting in the drawer is a pretty big deal, but it’s only for users who have bought up to the pro version. The new version of Apex Notifier is also supported in this update, and that’s good for everyone. That means improved Dashclock integration, Hangouts notifications taking the place of Talk, and some other tweaks. You can check out most of what Apex Launcher has to offer for free.

Apex Launcher Free

Apex Launcher Free

Apex Notifier

Apex Notifier


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