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November 27, 2013

BlackBerry 10 Users – Want to know your data connection speed? Try Speed Tester


Unless you are happy to sideload apps then you’ve no chance of seeing any time soon on the BlackBerry 10. So I was pleased to see a native BlackBerry 10 alternative pop up in BlackBerry World recently in the form of Speed Tester.

The application is supposed to works for both your mobile connection and Wi-Fi and will provide you with the your download speed in Mb/s – which is something I tend to check on a regular basis. As well as just showing you your own results you can also view rankings from other users around the world and BBM is also integrated – allowing you to share your speeds.

Within the settings tab you can change the maximum Mb/s that your provider allows – which will alter the coloured bar on the testing screen from green to red. You’ll also see the name of your provider when performing a speed test – whether that be a mobile one or home broadband.

The app is free to download for all BlackBerry 10 devices.


However, if you are a Q10/Q5 user the app does look a bit odd as it was designed for all touch devices although it does seem to lean more to the Z series. It does not show the mobile connections so you only get the Wi-Fi speed, which to me is a bit pointless, as I can’t checkout my network provider out in the open.  It also kept freezing on my Q10, this lead me having to uninstall it then, re-install it again!
Being a new app it’s performance accuracy is still questionable in my mind but that’s just me. Give it a shot and let us know your comments below.



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Dave Thornton

Senior Editor

Senior Editor
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