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February 25, 2014

BlackBerry CEO hints at BBM maybe landing on desktop

BlackBerry Messenger (BBM). While not many Windows Phone users are too familiar with the popular and secure messaging service, things will change later this year as a Windows Phone 8 client is launched (probably for 8.1).
Today, Tuesday 25th, BlackBerry held their press conference at the MWC 2014 where the company announced two new devices Q20 and Z3 and mentioned they’re working on some new high-end devices for later this year. In addition, they announced BES 12 and more on enterprise services, more of which you can read at CrackBerry.

John Chen, CEO of BlackBerry, held a Q&A session at the end and was asked about the Facebook – WhatsApp deal.

Considering the $16B transaction, it looks like BlackBerry missed a bit opportunity to be ‘the’ universal mobile messenger.

As a reaction, Chen – who’s very candid – said that they’re thinking

“beyond handsets and the phone”

for BBM, strongly indicating that putting their messenger on desktop was on the table.

Will BlackBerry make a desktop BBM client? They should. And they better. WhatsApp, which is tied to your phone number, has a more difficult time leaving the mobile world. BBM though is based on a PIN and ID system, making it transferable to other devices. Desktop should, in theory, be trivial (one issue though is BBM can only be ‘active’ on one device at a time).

It will certainly be interesting to see where things head later in 2014. We look forward to hearing more about BBM on a desktop

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Dave Thornton

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Senior Editor
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