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November 25, 2014

BlackBerry Phone Tap offers a quick and easy way to record important conversations

icon4-1For those times you need to record important conversations, Phone Tap offers a quick and easy way to do so. Over the last few months the application underwent several design and feature changes in order to assist users in recording personal or business conversations as well as blocking calls.

Phone Tap1 Phone Tap2

There are a variety of features to help users not only record calls but filter by tags, password protect the application, record voice notes, record calls on demand or automatically, and tag recordings with labels and colors.

Phone Tap3 Phone Tap4

Below is a list of the changes available in the latest update. Please be aware that due to restrictions, including laws that restrict or prohibit recording conversations, the application may not be available in certain regions. In addition, the ability to record calls in the United States varies by state so be sure to verify the local laws in your area before proceeding.

  • Added OS 10.3.x specific features
  • Added Contact based call recording
  • Added Contact based call blocking
  • Added Auto SMS reply for contact based blocked calls
  • Backup/Restore capabilities
  • Bug fixes

In order for the application to record properly, the speaker should be turned on. Phone Tap offers a simple and easy to use interface and the developer is always open to suggestions for the next update. Phone Tap – Call Blocker is £2.00 ($2.99) for BlackBerry 10. BT_Blackberry_Icon Other apps from developer

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Senior Editor
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