Many questions reach my inbox on a daily basis most of the time it’s related to repairing something but another common question is “Have you used any of the Bluetooth keyboards for the iPad and can you recommend one?”. Truth be told I have never used one until now and the only reason I have the opportunity is because the lovely people over at Brydge reached out to us and asked if we would take a look at the Brydge+ keyboard for the iPad, so that’s exactly what we did, would I recommend it? Have a look at our review and see.

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So lets start at the beginning the Brydge+ iPad Keyboard originated from a Kickstarter campaign and received almost $800,000 in funding before it ended making it a pretty successful campaign indeed.

As soon as you receive your Brydge+ keyboard or even just look at pictures of it the first thing you will notice is how well it pairs with the iPad aesthetically. It is constructed out of anodized aluminum and has a finish making it look and feel exactly like our iPad. For me this is a huge bonus as the last thing I would want to do is add an accessory to my premium device that takes away that quality. As you can see from the picture above when paired with the iPad it has more than a hint of Macbook Pro about it and that can’t be a bad thing.

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The Brydge+ itself is compatible with all of the iPads from generation 2-4 but they also have a newer version for the iPad Air so fear not. The iPad fits very snug into the Brydge+ hinges and it’s worth mentioning that the hinges feature silicone sleeves that do a great job protecting your iPad from scratches etc. Another protective feature is the bumpers that you see in the picture above these are to ensure that the screen does not make any contact with the keyboard while closed over, this in addition to the recessed keys works perfectly and we had no problems at all.

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Connecting the iPad to the keyboard is a breeze. You simply turn the Bryde+ on and hit Ctrl and K to enable Bluetooth discoverability, from there it works like any other Bluetooth device and when paired it connects automatically there after. One small annoying part is the speakers as they have to be connected separately and each time, this happens as it’s a way to save power but for me I would rather it was a seamless as the keyboard but it’s not a huge deal. The speakers perform really well which made me happy as I have always felt the iPad could have better speakers. I have found myself using them a lot especially when watching a film or YouTube video as it makes the overall experience more pleasurable.


So I guess I should discuss what typing is like since this is the main reason you would buy a keyboard in the first place. I have seen many reviews criticizing the Brydge+, saying that typing is not great on it. Having spent many weeks with this product I can honestly say that typing is a breeze on this keyboard and I use it on a daily basis now with absolutely no trouble at all. I find that I can type reviews and news for the site in comfort and having this keyboard saves my carrying my Macbook Pro with me everywhere I go.

Portability isn’t a problem as the keyboard doesn’t add to much weight and pairing it with the neoprene carry case (sold separately) pictured above allows me to throw it in my backpack and not have to worry.

Overall I was more than impressed with the Brydge+ iPad Keyboard with speakers and would recommend it to anyone in the market for a keyboard. The awesome looks giving the iPad that Macbook look and feel make paying the £57.72 well worth it. Brydge also sell a model with no speakers but for the extra £10 I would recommend going with this model even if pairing the speakers each time is a little annoying. The carry case is will cost you £11.66 and is a worthwhile investment to give your ipad and keyboard that added protection. If you want to see more then click on the Brydge logo below.


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