Can BT’s Complete Wi-Fi Fix My Dead Spots?

So just before we get into the review as always I would like to give you guys a quick disclaimer. I have not been paid to make this review on BT Complete Wi-Fi but I have been provided with the kit and service in order to test it all out.

What is BT Complete Wi-Fi?

So I guess a quick explanation of the service is a good place to start. Basically BT Complete Wi-Fi is a service offered by BT that’s main aim is to provide you with a better Wi-Fi signal throughout your home. It does this by offering a new router as the base connection and discs that you can then place in areas around your home that don’t normally manage to receive a good connection.

This service is available to all BT customers and costs just £5 per month extra for BT Plus customers and £10 per month for other customers depending on the package that you have previously purchased.

Design And features

When you order BT Complete Wi-Fi you will receive all of your new kit in the post. First off we have the new Smart Hub 2 router, it looks fairly similar and certainly not to obnoxious so finding a place for it in your home shouldn’t be an issue.

Taking a look at the rear you will find the usual pull out card that gives your default wireless network name and password. I have covered this up due to being paranoid. If you aren’t one for changing your password then this little card is super convenient for referencing or giving to house guests.

Other connections include a single RJ-11 port, four Gigabit Ethernet ports, a power port, USB port for connecting things like external storage up, a factory reset button and power button.

Last of all on the left hand side you will find the WPS button for easy pairing of supported devices.

Now lets take a look at the disc. In my opinion I feel its a little big and being black it may not fit into everyone’s home. It has a nice base that keeps it steady but you can also wall mount this if you wish. I really like hiding wires and unnecessary accessories in my home as I prefer that minimal lifestyle so if your in a similar situation this is something you may want to consider.

Taking a quick look at the rear you will have your network information along with a single Gigabit port, WPS button, power port, factory reset and power button. Overall its a decent setup but it would be nice to see some additional Gigabit ports on the rear as I prefer to hard wire a lot of my gadgets.


Setting your new kit up really couldn’t be any easier. For the router I gave it some power and connected the included RJ-11 cable and waited for the glowing blue light to appear to signal we are live and that was it.

For the disc you have two options for setting up, I decided to just use the included Ethernet cable. Simply give the disc power connect the disc to the router via the Gigabit Ethernet and wait for it to pair. From there you can unplug and go place it in your desired location. Alternatively you can use the MyBT app. Simply take disc to desired location and plug it in, log into your app on a device that is connected to the network and follow the simple on screen instructions.

Does it work?

Obviously the most important aspect of this review is, does BT Complete Wi-Fi actually work?

Well as you can see from the above image I performed a speed test in my living room prior to installation and I was only seeing a download speed of 19.6 Mbps and upload of 6.81 Mbps. With an expected 40 Mbps this is almost half the speed that I pay for so let’s see if the new setup improves it.

With everything setup I ran a new speed test and as you can see the gains are fantastic and not far off double. I am certainly happy with this outcome as I can now easily use the Nvidia Shield and Xbox to game without dropouts and streaming from my Smart TV is smooth.

What about the App?

The MyBT app is very basic and like everything else in this package it’s super simple to use.

It allows you to check and change settings for your network, change passwords, check a list of connected devices and you can even choose the intensity of the lights on both the router and disc or turn them off completely, I choose the latter.

If you are a network enthusiast however you wont find much to get you excited.

The Conclusion

To conclude, I feel that BT Complete Wi-Fi is a great package certainly worth considering if you are in a similar situation to me. I will say however for those who are not already BT Plus customers and more confident in your networking abilities then there are cheaper long term alternatives like Netgear Orbi, Google Wi-Fi or even BT Whole Home.

If like me you just want a quick fix with super easy setup then I would say give this a try. As mentioned earlier there are a few things that could be better like the design of the discs. Right now I feel they are a little on the large side and not the best looking, just imagine a wood finish or even some fabric covering like Google offer?

Just before we wrap this up I have one more little annoyance and that is the fact that you have to ask for another disc after you receive your package. This is a cost saving feature for BT but for me I would rather not have to ask.

Overall if your a BT Plus customer and wondering if this package could cure your dead spots then the answer is simple, yes. With the BT guarantee what have you got to loose?

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