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August 8, 2017

Budget Intel i3 7300 GTX 1050ti Build

Today we’re taking a look at a budget orientated gaming system. This PC will be based on the Intel i3 7300 and will cost around $650 US and £595 UK, at the time of this post. You have to keep in mind that PC part prices fluctuate so it maybe cheaper or more expensive depending on when you build the PC.

So lets take a look at the full system and the first component you’ll need is the brains of the operation and that is the Intel i3 7300 CPU. This is a dual core 4 thread CPU that has a high base frequency of 4GHz. It has 4MB smartcache and a low TDP of 51W. This means that you won’t need a overkill CPU cooler to keep the temps down and it can also game pretty well too, which I’ll tell you about later on. If you’d like more specifications on this CPU, then click here.


Next up is the cooler and that is the Coolermaster Hyper TX3 Evo. This uses 3 copper heatpipes, Aluminium fins and a 92mm PWM fan for cooling. If you want to further increase performance you have the option to add an additional 92mm fan, but in this system, you’ll not need that as its well taken care of.


Ram next and for this we’ve gone for 8GB of Kingston Hyper X 2133MHz DDR4. This is plenty for what this system needs, however you could always add additional ram if needed. It has a CAS latency of 14 and will give you enough system memory to do everyday tasks as well as handle some 1080p gaming.


Motherboard next and here we have the Asus Prime B250M-Plus. This is a great motherboard and offers plenty of scope to upgrade around it. It features LED illumination, dual M.2 drive support, USB Type C, Intel optane support, supports up to 64GB DDR4 with speeds up to 2400MHz, dedicated audio PCB and much more. If you require more information then please click here.

mobo 2

Next is the graphics card and this is the Asus 1050ti which is the perfect card for some 1080p gaming. It has 4GB GDDR5 memory, 128bit memory interface, dual ball bearing 0dB fans, GPU base clock of 1290MHz and a boost of  1392MHz. The memory clock is 7008MHz and it’ll play most titles at 1080p. But as always if you want to squeeze more from this build, you could opt for the GTX 1060.


Storage next and here we’ve got the Seagate Firecuda 1TB. This will be used for the OS, software and games. With 1TB of 6GB/s and 210MB/s speeds its plenty fast enough for all your needs. If you want more speed, you could always add an M.2 or 2.5″ SSD. But the Firecuda is 7200rpm and will load everything quickly and won’t slow down your system.


Now we need something to power the system and thats where the Coolermaster Masterwatt Lite 400 comes in. This is a 400W PSU with its 80 plus rating, certified 85% efficiency and a 120mm HDB fan it’ll provide plenty of power. Plus it’ll give you some room to add an SSD or additional storage if needs be.


The final part of puzzle is somewhere to house all the components. That is taken care of by the Coolermaster Masterbox Lite 3. This is a budget orientated case with a perspex side panel window, 1 included 120mm fan and the option to add a further 2 x 120mm at the front. Its got plenty of cutouts for cable management and will be able to support a full size GPU, if you happen to upgrade the PC in the future.

i3 unilad build

Now we’ve got all the parts sorted, you’ll need to know how to build the PC. To do this click the image below to take you to the build guide.


Now lets take a look at how this system performs.

First lets take a look at the 3D Mark Firestrike test. This tests your system over a few different scenarios and at the end you get some results that give you a rough idea of how your system performs. You can also go to the website to compare your system against others. Well if you’re feeling a touch competitive.


Next up is Ungines Heaven benchmark. This is designed to give you a look at your GPUs performance and again it provides you with data at the end.  This test was run at 1080p on the high preset


Next up is the games portion of the tests and we’ll be starting with everyones favourite GTA V. This again was set to 1080p with the highest settings. Even on high you can see this system performs really well and puts out some great framerates.


The next game to be tested was CSGO. This isn’t the most demanding title for a PC, but it does love high FPS and this PC delivers that. Even on high settings you’re getting extremely high framerates and it’ll play no problem at all.


Rise of the Tomb Raider was next and that is a more demanding title. However this system still delivers a solid performance. However if you want more from this system, its advised to play around with the settings to improve your framerates.


Overwatch is next and this just so happens to be one of my favourite games to play at the minute and this system would be a ideal PC for it. The game was tested at 1080p with the epic preset, but again if you want more from the system, try dialling down the settings a little. But even with the settings turned up it delivers an enjoyable experience.


The final game to be tested was Metro Last Light. Again this can be a demanding title if you if crank up the settings. But this system copes well and delivers a great performance.


As you can see its a capable gaming PC at 1080p and it will serve you well. As always you can interchange parts to suit your style and needs, as thats what makes PCs great. If you want to see the video that accompanies this article then click the video link

As a whole if you’re looking to spend around £600 on a PC then this would be a great system to build, its plenty fast enough, is upgradeable and an impressive PC to game with at 1080p.

Get the parts here



This PC is part of the UNILAD build series and was sponsored by Coolermaster and UNILAD.

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