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August 10, 2017

Cablemod Memory Modding Kit For Corsair Dominator Platinum


Today we’ll be showing you an interesting RAM modding accessory from Cablemod.  This modding kit in particular is for the Corsair Dominator Platinum RAM. This means that if you have any of the RAM you see below, it will work with that.


There are two different colour options to choose from, these are either the white kit or the black kit. So you can pick whichever colour will fit your build the best.


So lets take a look at what you get with the kit.

Included with the kit, you get.

  • 2 Anodized Aluminium bars (in whichever colour you decide)


You also get 10 inserts in total, with the following colours

  • 2 x red
  • 2 x orange
  • 2 x green
  • 2 x blue
  • 2 x transparent

So depending on what colour scheme you’ve gone for in your PC, these should fit really nicely. Also the Dominator RAM uses a white LED, they’ll glow in the colour they’re supposed to and match any lighting or colour accents you have in your build.


The final thing you get is a hex key as you’ll need this for installation.

in-the-box-1Design and Build

The design and build of the kit is great, the bars look identical to the original ones on the Dominator Platinums and as they’re made from Aluminium they feel great too. They’re solid and well built as a whole.

The accents are made from plastic and feel solid too. These won’t come under any force so they aren’t going to break when in your system. So overall the design is great and they are very nicely made too.


The RAM Ryan is going to mod is his orange accented kit and as you’ll see, installation is very straight forward.


The first step is to swap out the original bars. To do this you simply take the hex key and remove the original bolts from the RAM. Remember to keep these safe ass you’ll need them later on.


The next step is to remove the bar and again keep it in a safe place as if you ever wanted to sell them on, it would be better to have the originals as well.


You’ll also notice a clear section, you’ll again need this as this helps distribute the light from the LED to give off a nice effect. The next step is to then select the colour accent you want and gently place it on the inside of the new bar. You’ll also do the same thing for the clear plastic you removed from the original kit.



The next step is to then place the new mod kit onto the RAM and screw it back into place.


So if you take your time, its a really easy process and you shouldn’t have any difficulty with it. If you do so happen to get stuck, check out the video here and that will provide all the help you may require.

The finished product

The finished kit looks great and in my honest opinion, looks just as good as the original did. But now it will more closely match a neutral or a coloured theme if that’s what you’ve gone for.



The only slight drawback is the lighting isn’t overly bright, but that may not be an issue to you, if you don’t want them to be too in your face. If you do want them brighter unfortunately it doesn’t look like that is a possibility.



In our opinion some colours look better than others, for example I like red and blue effect, but more than likely they’ll look different in the build you have.


For a price of $30 US and around the same in the UK, should you pick up this kit. Well if you want to transform your existing Dominator kit then I would say yes. Its cheaper than shelling out for a new set and it changes the look of them to make them more unique. You can more closely match them to your build. That is if you’ve gone for a build with mostly black and white. Saying that I still think they’d look nice in a red and black themed PC as you could opt for the black kit with red accents. But again whether they are worth it, is up to you. I personally would pick some up (if I had Dominator RAM) as they’d suit my white and black Ryzen build quite nicely.

Pick the RAM mod kit up here:

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