In this review we will be looking at the two piece Case Mate Phantom Galaxy S3 cover .

Build Quality

The Case-Mate Phantom is a very impressive case. If you have ever used a Case-Mate product before you know you will not be disappointed when it comes to build quality. The Phantom certainly does not disappoint. Case-Mate have taken a unique approach when designing this case. As with most highly protective cases we have seen there are two pieces but the way Case-Mate has designed the Phantom is slightly different to others.

The outer shell is constructed of two materials : a hard polycarbonate plastic and a tough rubber. This approach has given this case great shock absorbing and impact protection to ensure your device will be safe regardless of the height it falls from. When holding the case it feels rigid and secure but on closer expectation the plastic can be flexed just enough to ensure it will move with the rubber when needed.

The inside layer is constructed of plastic and fits like a frame around your Galaxy S3. This layer also acts like a screen protector and functions just as-well. It does feel a bit flimsy on it’s own but when clicked onto your device there is no problem.

When the case is all clicked together it feels absolutely solid. You know just holding it that your device is safe. The two parts close together and open again without any struggle which is a real bonus as some 2 piece cases can give you problems.

Protection and Performance

The Phantom protects your Galaxy S3 to the highest levels. There is hardly an exposed part of your device left apart from the home button and the camera area. The case does add a little bulk to your Galaxy S3 but that can hardly be a complaint giving the type of case it is and the protection it provides. The inside layer is a great addition and doubles as a screen protector and also features a raised lip to ensure that your screen will take as little impact as possible in the event of an accident. I was worried about how the built in screen protector would perform as we already had a screen protector on our device, but the screen operated as normal with no interruptions. All the ports and buttons are easily pressed and accessible. The volume rocker and power button feature rubber protection that is easily pressed unlike some other high end cases no real force is needed. The port covers are full on dust caps as you can see in the slide-show so you can be sure there will be nothing getting into your micro-USB slot or 3.5mm audio port.


The Case-Mate Phantom will protect your Galaxy S3 whenever it is called into action. It provides the best of both worlds by keeping your handset protected and looking good at the same time. The case is available in plain black or black/white from MobileFun for £29.95. You will not be dissapointed if you buy this case and I would go as far as saying that I recomend this over the Otterbox due to its slimmer profile while still providing 360 degrees of protection.



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