If like me and you are not a fanboy of a particular gaming system and own both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 then this review might be of some interest to you. I have yet to meet anyone with both consoles that doesn’t prefer one of the controllers more and I favour the Xbox One controller. I favour it not because its better but because I find it more comfortable and find I game better when using it. So up until now when playing my PlayStation 4 I have had to just deal with the change but thanks to the ControllerMAX CronusMAX I can now use any controller on any system I wish with ease. It’s not the perfect solution but costing only £39.95 from CK3 UK it is certainly a must have gadget for gamers who use multiple systems.

Compatible with everything

The ControllerMAX CronusMAX will work with almost everything you can think of, the reason I purchased one was to use my Xbox One controller with my PlayStation 4 but if you have last-gen controllers or fight sticks you paid a lot of money for then you don’t have to go out and buy them again. The device converts the inputs from your controllers – PlayStation controllers , Xbox 360/Xbox One controllers, fight sticks, keyboard and mouse and even controllers for that Wii console that’s likely collecting dust. To configure the different controllers isn’t to hard but it does require you to use the software found on their website. The video I have included shows you how to first set your ControllerMAX CronusMAX up and I demonstrate me using the DualShock 3 controller on the current Xbox One. The reason I choose to try this as I wasn’t to worried if the old PS3 controller got broken during my initial testing. The software is good and allows you to set profiles and even modify your controller to your specific preference’s, if you are a filthy cheater you can also add mods like rapid fire etc but you can handle that yourself.

What about lag?

Lag is obviously a big concern for everyone as it can seriously hamper your gaming experience and you will be happy to know there is no lag present at all as you seen in the video. I went on to further test the DualShock 3 controller on many Xbox One games and no matter what I played it seemed to run as smooth as it did using the standard controller. After programming my Xbox One controller and using it on my PlayStation 4 I had a similar positive experience and it worked flawlessly with all the games I tried.


Overall I was very impressed with the ControllerMAX CronusMAX as it did everything I needed it to do. The software isn’t straight forward and it is a bit of learning curve if I’m totally honest and I had to rely on other YouTube videos to figure out how to use it as no instructions are given. If you have old controllers that cost you a lot of money or you want to try using controllers on different consoles then this is certainly a worthwhile purchase. If you have any question then please feel free to leave them below. If you are looking to buy one then be sure to check out the link below.

You can buy a CronusMAX HERE 





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