So if you love to game on the PC and are looking to buy a new mouse then the budget friendly Corsair KATAR is definitely worth looking at. There are many budget friendly mice on the market and over the next few months I will be reviewing such products more frequently.

So onto the KATAR. This mouse is ideal for anyone looking for something to get the job done without all the bells and whistles and having an ambidextrous design means everyone can use it. The build quality is solid and it feels great in the hand with nice texture on the sides adding great grip. It is a little on the small side compared to my other mice but for me this certainly wasn’t an issue. The right and left click feature a little travel distance and both have a nice light click making this perfect for MOBA gamers.

The sensor is accurate and the replaceable teflon feet slide around my mouse pad with no trouble at all. Corsair also provide great software allowing you to fully map the buttons and set custom profiles, this is ideal as without side buttons you may want to make use of that middle click. Speaking of the middle click there is a slight issue I ran into. Pressing it is not so easy at first and often results in DPI shift due to its placement. After an hour or so I did manage to change my grip but some may find it annoying.

Overall this is a killer budget gaming mouse that I would have no trouble recommending to anyone.

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