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February 7, 2014

EE change Terms and Conditions to reflect OFCOM ruling

wpid-m_join-ee_hero_480x290.jpgToday EE have changed the Terms and Conditions to all customers.

The main point here is that they have actually included: We have given You Written Notice of an increase in a Price Plan Charge under point 7.1.4 and (i) the increase in Your Price Plan Charge (as a percentage) is higher than the annual percentage increase in the Retail Price Index (RPI) published by the Office for National Statistics (calculated using the most recently published RPI figure before we give you Written Notice under 7.1.4);

What is the change?

The new terms mean that if we increase your price plan charge above the latest rate of inflation (measured by the latest published RPI figure at the time of notification) you can cancel your plan without charge. From now on, if you receive a notification from us about a price change like this, you can be sure that we are using the most recent RPI figure.

See the full details below:

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Senior Editor
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