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November 12, 2014

Ever wanted your own Brute Plasma Rifle? Look no further


If you are a fan of the Halo franchise then you will love Triforce’s full-sized Halo 2: Anniversary Edition Brute plasma rifle replica.

Just incase you are wondering the replica is based on Halo’s iconic plasma rifle that was used by the Brutes in Halo 2.

Here’s what the website has to say:

“Known as the blood-hand by Jiralhanae, this variant of the Type-25 DER was manufactured at hidden assembly forges within High Charity in preparation for the High Prophet of Truth’s bloody takeover of the Covenant.”

“Under its crimson plating the artisan-engineers in Truth’s employ were allowed to make modifications to the Type-25’s sacred design pattern to increase rate of fire and damage that would have been deemed heretical without a hierarch’s direct blessing.”


The hand finished and hand painted replica rifle will set you back $650 total plus shipping. It weighs twenty pounds and measures 24.5 inches in length. There will only be 150 of these. If you fancy pairing it up with the standard plasma rifle in blue then there will be 500 available. If your sold then you best act fast before these disappear.

Via – IGN
Source – TriForce

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