When EverythingTablet contacted us to see if we would be interested in reviewing there products I took the same path as always before replying and visited there website. When you load up there site you can instantly see that they take great pride in there products. The product that caught my eye immediately was the 360 degree rotating case for the iPad mini. I love tablets well all gadgets really and I have a load of them, and with that comes a lot of tried and tested cases. Some are great for protection, some are great for style and then there’s the all rounders. This tablet is in that group, it provides a great amount of protection, looks stunning and it just allows you to use your tablet to its full potential and what Apple intended. Tablets are meant for browsing easily on the move and watching YouTube and Netflix etc. This case enhances that experience by giving you all the viewing angle options you will ever need to complete any task on your tablet, could you ask for much more? The cases start at £24.99 and come in many different colours and styles to suit your needs and would make a great gift for Christmas perhaps? We have made a video below showing you the case in action and also included EverythingTablet’s own video to top it off. If you go out and get this case you certainly won’t be disappointed and it gets a thumbs up from us guy’s at BeginnersTech.

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Ryan Oneill

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