We all know this situation, you are showing off something on your beloved iPad and one of the kids wants to play with it.  This usually leads to moments of fear and panic seeing the kids run about with your iPad and it usually gets returned to you covered in dirty marks and drool.

ipad 1

No longer if the clever people at Fisher Price are to be believed.  They came up with the Fisher Price Apptivity iPad Case.  The case is compatible with the first 3 generations of the iPad and allows you to put your tablet in to the case in 2 different ways, with the home button hidden or available.

ipad 2

The option to hide the home button is a great option especially when kids are involved and will avoid your little ones getting in to other apps or on the internet.  Fisher Price has also developed about a dozen apps to keep kids entertained with Storybook Rhymes, Shapes & Colors, Let’s Count and more.

ipad 3

The case is well built in sturdy plastic with rounded corners and a carry handle at the top.  The corners of the case can be picked to be either pink or blue.  Once the iPad is locked in to the case there is no way for kids to accidently get the device out.

I love this bit of tech and I would recommend it to anyway with an iPad that regularly has children around.  You can relax and the kids will love being able to play with the Fisher Price apps.

The case is available from a number of retailers, however the cheapest I have recently seen it was £32.95 from John Lewis.

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