IMG_0994In this day and age we like to try make all of our daily tasks as easy as possible and why not? An example of this was the introduction of Wireless Qi charging on Android phones which I honestly love as it allows me to easily sit my phone on top of my wireless charging dock instead of messing around with wires and cables. As I use both Android and iOS devices it is something I miss when using my iPhone 6 so I was very happy when I seen that manufactures where bringing cases to the market that allowed the iPhone to charge wireless. One manufacturer that has released such a case is FlexiShield so let’s jump in and see if its as good as it sounds.


The FlexiShield wireless Qi case features a blend of plastic and rubber and has all the appropriate cutouts needed for port access and also features a window on the rear to show off that Apple logo we all love. Putting the iPhone into the case is easy enough, just line up the lightning port with the connector and the rubber sides just wrap around the device. It is worth noting that when you are removing the device from the case you should take care not to bend the lightning connector.


In terms of the protection the FlexiShield will do a decent job as most of the impact zones are covered. It should be noted however that there is no raised lip around the front of the device so the screen of your device isn’t protected when the device is lying face down. For me this isn’t really a problem as its not a case I would use outdoors, I simply utilise the case when at home to allow me to take advantage of my wireless charging pads.


In terms of charging the FlexiShield Qi case does a great job and works with every Qi pad I own. Charging times did vary a little but overall it would charge just as quick as using the mains which I am happy with. Wireless charging may not be for everyone but I certainly like it as it makes my life a little easier. If you like the look of the FlexiSheild Qi case for iPhone 6 then visit MobileFun where you can pick one up for £19.99. Let us know what you think of Qi charging on the iPhone 6 below.

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