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May 28, 2015

Google unveils Now On Tap to supercharge Google Now functionality

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Google Now is getting better than ever. Google announced a new Now feature called Now On Tap today at I/O. Now On Tap takes contextual search to a whole new level. It can pull information from what you’re doing on your phone or tablet and make it available to you.

Now On Tap will let you do things like ask, “Who is this artist?” while you are listening to music. You can even ask, “What is this musician’s real name?”. You just long press the Home button while you are doing something on your phone, and the new Now On Tap will open so you can get information.

You can use your voice to search, and you will also get new cards that will pop up with calendar reminders, website URLs, and a whole lot more. Google is trying to anticipate what you want and present it to you before you know you want it. All of this is built into Android M and Google Now. We’ll find out more as the release of Android M gets closer.


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Jeremiah Nelson

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