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November 26, 2014

Gotham: “Lovecraft” Review


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So it’s that time of the week when we take a look at the latest episode of Gotham, this weeks being titled Lovecraft. Let me start off by saying that since the best episode to date “Penguins Umbrella” it seems that Gotham has been purely about Bruce and Selina with Gordon, Bullock and Penguin taking a back seat. Well in similar fashion this weeks episode follows them again even although the title suggests different.

Lovecraft sees our favourite orphan children on the run from some trained assassins and also spells the end of Gordon and Bullocks’s partnership in the process with Gordon sent to Arkham to be a security guard. The way this played out was just plain silly in my eyes, the Mayor’s whole “Lovecraft killed himself with your gun and your punishment is becoming a security guard at Arkham” scene was plain ridiculous. Gordon accepting this and not quitting even baffled me. With Gordon headed for Arkham obviously we will be introduced to more characters now but since when can a Mayor simply take your job away?

Continuing with my rant I ask you this. Why did anyone even have to take the fall for this in the first place? I mean couldn’t they have said it was an accident? I mean look how long everyone thought Gordon killed Cobblepot for the mob! Let me know your thoughts on this.

It seemed this episode totally destroyed Dents image as well as he ultimately caused Gordon’s dismissal and put Bruce and Selina in danger. Not only that but the Mayor makes him look like a total fool as well, Dent should be the guy who fixes things with his love for justice but instead he’s being portrayed as an imbecile.

Ok so let me calm down for a minute and talk about how Gordon ended up being sent off to Arkham. Well he failed to stop the hit put out on Lovecraft who turned out not to be the bad guy when¬†Lesley-Ann Brandt’s Copperhead kicks his ass and chokes him out. The introduction to Copperhead was actually a great part of this episode and she carried the part well and Gordon should find himself lucky she doesn’t kill anyone that’s “not in the contract”, her sidekicks don’t seem to follow the same code mind you.


Alfred played his best part yet this week and despite falling for Copperhead’s “I was in a bad accident” story and letting her in the house he ultimately kicked some serious ass. This is one character that just seems to get stronger as the weeks go on, it’s not only his killer fighting skills we see in action, we even seen his silver tongue trick Fish into helping them out. With all the action being focussed on Alfred, Bruce and Selina this week I think this could see these characters disappear for a few episodes and I certainly hope it’s the end of the stupid obsession about Selina kissing Bruce as it finally happens in this episode.

Falcone also took a bit of a backseat as did Penguin but we did get to see Falcone get his hands dirty as he put a hole in one of his lieutenants he thought betrayed him. It got better tho as he made the rest of his gang eat their dinner while the dead guy lay with his face in his bowl. It was a funny moment and showed the others that he is not to be messed with. Penguin also got himself in a bit of bother with Falcone this week mainly due to the fact he won’t turn Liza in “just yet” but I can’t understand how Falcone doesn’t see this for himself, isn’t it obvious???


Overall “Lovecraft” wasn’t to terrible as it did redeem some characters for me especially Fish who I had pretty much written off. I loved seeing Bruce take a back seat (as if he had a choice) to Selina as they roamed around in her territory out of the safety net of Wayne Manor. Selina as a character has grown on me after this episode, even although the whole kiss thing was truly annoying the dialogue was very much improved. For me this episode had some of the most memorable moments of the season with Alfred kicking ass, Gordon being sent to Arkham and Nygma giving Gordon the most awkward hug in television history. I haven’t given up on Gotham yet and I feel there will be plenty more awesome episodes ahead.

Let me know what you thought of the episode.



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