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November 19, 2014

Gotham Season 1 Episode 9 Review: Harvey Dent

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It’s that time of the week again were I jot down my thoughts on the latest episode of Gotham. This weeks episode titled Harvey Dent could well have been called Bruce meets Selina as Harvey Dent is hardly the main attraction here. This type of character introduction seems all to common on the show and Nicholas D’Agosto seems to go way overboard and almost oversells Dent, the councillor who wants to clean up Gotham. This type of performance is a common theme on the show but thankfully it seems that after the crazy introductions the character usually settles nicely into their role, so let’s hope the same applies here.


So as I mentioned Harvey Dent is hardly featured in this episode, in fact Selina Kyle is featured more here than she was in her own self titled episode. If you can’t already tell this episode was a tad disappointing for me with Dent being introduced in an almost cringe worthy way (what do you do with the few teens who actually call “tails,” Harv?). After the introduction we then get taken on a wild chase after a character that has never been mentioned before on the show Dick Lovecraft. It was just to much to soon for me and I feel the show was just trying to force the issue that Dent already had an inner crazy side before his mutilation turns him into the iconic Two Face. They forced the issue so much that when Gotham actually consumes him I could care less, maybe if they portrayed Dent as a more useful and friendly ally for Gordon before showing us the coin flipping mad man it would have been more fitting. Let me know your thoughts on that.

So now that I have that off my chest let’s discuss what was actually going on in this episode. We are introduced to Ian Hargrove, a bomb maker who “escapes” from Blackgate prison while being transported. As Gordon and Bullock go on the hunt for him we soon learn that he didn’t escape by choice, he was kidnapped by a group of men and forced to make bombs. As the plot moves along we find out that he actually suffers from mental health issues and actually feel a little sorry for him. It was a nice change to the shows villain of the week theme as in a twist this villain doesn’t actually want to be a villain, instead wants to be captured and given help.


So what else actually went on in this episode? We see that Barbara has left James in an attempt to get her act together and Selina Kyle is back helping James find the Wayne killer by describing the killer to a sketch artist. In a twist James comes up with the idea of having Selina stay at the Wayne Manor with Bruce, an idea that Alfred wasn’t to enthused about. With Selina bedding down in Wayne Manor we see that Alfred is trying to better Bruce’s fighting skills but he soon learns from Selina that it doesn’t matter how strong or how good you can fight in Gotham.


Is it just me or is the whole Selina living in Wayne Manor scenario just ridiculous? I get that James can’t trust the police with all the corrupt cops but having her actually live with Bruce feels like the show is totally ramming this relationship down our throats. With that said Camren Bicondova does a great job with her acting regardless of the crazy story writing with Alfred describing her as a “cheeky little minx.” Continuing with the forcing issue theme we again have an awkward dialogue between the pair where Selina develops an obsession about kissing Wayne and this keeps popping up throughout the episode. With a food fight thrown into the mix we start to understand that the writers are trying to let us know that Bruce is becoming a kid again but it seems just to much is going on for me.

Keeping with the awkward theme let’s take a look at Edward Nygma’s short scene’s this week. Nygma appears on the scene and starts ranting about computer games to Gordon and Bullock as he is giving them evidence and the conversation just goes nowhere. I can’t help but think we need to see more of Nygma as his character has so much potential and these scenes just don’t add up to me.

So what about my favourite character Penguin? He doesn’t get much screen time this week but the time he does get he spends going through Liza’a house in an attempt to prove that she is working undercover for Fish. The scene is actually great and backed with some awesome music that totally set’s the scene. With him finally exposing her it sets us up nicely for a relationship between the pair and further increases the leverage the Penguin has over everyone.

The episode ends with a good bit of action as Hargrove is captured, we have explosions and the grand reopening of Arkham Asylum. In this scene we see that Hargrove is headed here instead of back to Blackgate and this my friends gives the writers many opportunities to show us more villains.


In conclusion Harvey Dent was a weak episode in my opinion. It’s not all terrible tho as all the open story lines do set us up nicely for future episodes and I understand that not every episode will be action packed. Seeing Alfred further Bruce’s training is great as we all know where that goes but having Selina in Wayne Manor is just plain crazy. It seems Selina is just about thrown into every episode in the strangest ways almost as if the writers don’t know what to do with the character. For me we had far to much going on and I just hope we see a better episode next week. Ill sign off by apologising for my rant.


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