CA-Headphones-mainAlthough the California Headphone Company released the Laredo model late last year, I must admit that I hadn’t heard of them. And I had been looking for a On-Ear / Over-the Ear set for quite a while, looking at the more well known brands. Most of the well known brands gave me a high pitched whistle or screeching noise, which is caused by the interference with the electronics in my hearing aids with the cans I tried. I wear hearing aids for tinnitus, so I obviously can’t wear in-ear ones.


California Headphone Company is a fairly new company which started off through a kickstarter and are committed to producing exceptional sets of cans that enhance more acoustic sounds and live performances. The Laredo aims to breathe new life in to the audio playback for stringed instrument and recorded concerts.

Today we review the Laredo Premium On-Ear (closed) Headphones. The design takes a page from headphones of old with primarily metal construction and parts, chromed tubing, friction-based fit adjustment and true leather ear cushions.

The tech behind it all:

We have a 40mm Titanium drivers. Frequency response is  20-20,000, noise isolation is excellent and the total harmonic distortion is less than .2%. That’s low! I appreciate all the metal for retaining high quality sound.


The Loredo’s offer more than good looks:

The cord extends nearly 4ft (3.9ft to be exact) and is an attractive knitted zebra print, which is pretty snazzy. On that zebra “skin” you will find a second 3.5mm audio jack, creatively labeled the “Duo-Jack”. A second listener can enjoy audio from the exact same source. But don’t expect the audio quality to be as impressive unless your side-car listener is also sporting a pair of California Headphones. Interestingly, the Duo-Jack sucks power from your playback source. This way the audio quality is not compromised to retain power on your device. Good forward thinking!


The packaging:

Is indeed simple and rather Spartan. No unnecessary accessories, bags or other gimmicks to inflate the price tag. You get a rock solid pair of cans for just under £100 but, during the Black Friday deals, Amazon UK had them on sale for £29.96

The sound quality is exceptional. You have never heard headphones like these. The Laredo set of headphones bring lesser heard instruments to the foreground. Some of these track I have owned for years. Guitars–both acoustic and electric–sing with new unheard enthusiasm. But not just those–snare, hi hat and other non-bass related drum kits effects sound much bolder and punchier. Horns are given a new audible coat of paint as well.

The Loredo’s does not offer the most thumping  bass. But then we knew that going in. These were not designed with hip-hop in mind.  WIth that said, the bass is on Loredo set is surprisingly solid and clear and hits with significant enough punch. They may not be made for hip-hop but the genre also benefits from these truly amazing set of cans in the California Headphones Loredo Premium On-Ear headphones.

And the best bit for me was clear sound, no high pitched whistle or screeching noise. Result!

Bottom Line:

Going through several music files including ones that I’ve used for testing
ELO’s Mr Blue Sky,
Toto, Hold the line and
Europe’s The Final Countdown
are ones that I test the bass on. Playing them with my Acer C720 Chromebook, Nexus 5 (Lollipop) and finally my HTC One (M7)
The Loredo from California Headphones Company will absolutely amaze. I could not be more surprised by the clarity and sounds it has unearthed in my existing music library–and for just under £100!

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Dave Thornton

Senior Editor

Senior Editor
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