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April 22, 2014

Hangouts update to version 2.1.075 brings changes and improvements

Google is constantly rolling out updates to its many apps. The latest app to get the update treatment is Hangouts.  The new update to Hangouts (v.2.1.075), will bring quite a few changes and improvements to their messenger app, since the company originally integrated SMS/MMS and Google Hangouts into one message app.

While the main change that you will notice is that SMS and chat conversations are now merged. With each message to/from the same recipient, you will be able to choose the service you would like to use and be able to switch back and forth with the ease of a switch. Apparently there will also be the option to unmerge them as well.


Hangout logo

You will be able to tell the difference between an SMS and a Hangouts chat within the conversation. You will notice that someone you have in a hangout will be slightly different in that the message you send will have a light green background. Where someone not in a hangout circle, just a standard sms will not be any different than before. Where you type in your message you will see either a Hangout logo or a SMS logo.

What’s more, the contacts section will also get a needed makeover: it will be simplified and separated into two categories of contacts: Hangouts contacts and Phone contacts, which I think will be a lot more intuitive than the way it has been. With the Hangout logo at the side or in the image.

There will also be a new widget for your home or other screen to show you your most recent conversations, also a welcome addition instead of having to open the app every time. Finally, as with most updates, Google has improved the app’s general performance. Features such as video call quality has been improved and, SMS as well, as MMS should now be more reliable.

Over at the XDA developers forum they were able to mirror the APK . Please download at your own caution. But if you can wait just a few days and you should see the update on your smartphone! We’ve seen in the past that using a APK file can sometimes cause problems and we will always advise waiting for the official release through Google play.

Via: The Next Web

Source: Google (Google+)

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