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February 5, 2014

HTC M8 shows its rear with dual cameras


Rumours regarding HTC’s next flagship codenamed M8 have been in full swing for a while now but until now we have yet to see any leaked pictures. Well today we can have our first look at what is likely to be HTC’s next flagship device courtesy of a tweeted image from Russian site As you can see from the image above it pretty much resemble’s the almost year old HTC One (M7) other than the most obvious addition of another rear camera.

As you can see from the picture there’s one camera in the usual place with another added on the top rim of the device. The top camera also seems smaller but that alone tells us nothing and there’s also the addition of the dual LED flash. It will be exciting to see what HTC is planning software wise to utilize these two cameras.

The only other changes we can pick out is the absence of the Beats Audio logo but it may be located elsewhere and the rear mic has also found a new home on the other side of the device.

We have had it confirmed by a very reliable source that this is indeed a picture of HTC’s next flagship so there is no doubt in our minds. Yo back this up even further infamous leaker @evleaks had tweeted that HTC’s next flagship is “strikingly similar” yo the current HTC One.

Overall we think that HTC not changing to much about the look of the device is a good thing as the current One is stunning and feels great in the hand. Let’s see what the final spec sheet looks like and what we can do with those cameras before we all judge HTC.

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