The HTC One is a beautifully crafted aluminium device but with it comes the increased likelihood of scratching or damaging your pride and joy. So today we are going to look at the Speck CandyShell Grip case and see what it has to offer. I have used many Speck cases in the past so I know I can expect quality and decent enough protection so lets dive into the review.

The Speck CandyShell Grip case features a dual layer build constructed from rubber and plastic giving it a real solid look and feel, not like any of the cheap cases you can pick up on eBay. As you can see from the pictures above the whole inside of the case features this lovely soft touch rubber that gives your HTC One a lovely soft bed to lie in where you know it will be safe from any damage. This soft rubber also also acts as a shock absorber when that day arrives you drop your beloved handset and hold your breath as it hits the ground. With this case you can be rest assured that your device will survive nearly all falls. The front of the phone is also protected with this case with a nice raised lip protecting that big beautiful screen and this also allows you to place your device face down if you wish.


The rest of the case is a mixture of the hard plastic shell with rubber lines protruding from the case like ribs. These ribs offer awesome grip when holding the device especially as they extend round to the sides of the HTC One as well. I must say that this case really does live up to it’s name as the grip you receive from these ribs is nothing short of perfect and my device feels solid as i take calls and text even when i have a sweaty palm.


We have the white/black version of this case to review and it comes in many other different colours to suit your styling needs. The case itself looks pretty awesome in black/white and compliments the HTC One nicely with its shiny shell and embossed speck logo on the rear.

The case itself has all the necessary cutouts you will need as well as rubberised volume rocker to make using it that little bit easier. Accessing the micro-USB and headphone jack is a breeze and most third party headphones work flawlessly in this case. One thing worth noting tho is the power button cutout makes pressing the power button an absolute nightmare. Maybe someone with smaller fingers would manage it but for me if I wasn’t rooted and using button mods it would be a major downside.


The camera cutout for the this case is also prefect as it features a hard plastic black matte finished lip. This ensures that there is no interference from the case when taking pictures and also adds to the style of the case. In terms of bulk this case will add a fair bit but if you are looking to put decent protection on your device what do you expect?

Overall this case is probably up there with my favourite’s for my HTC One as it not only looks good it feels great as well and suits my everyday use. If your are looking to purchase one you can pick one up from MobileFun for a cool £19.95.


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