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March 3, 2014

HTC Technical Translations Round 2 – the aluminium unibody of the HTC M8

Earlier today we pushed out a leaked video of the HTC M8. The teenager (Roshan Jamkatel) that did the video has found himself in trouble well, let’s say “in deep shit” with HTC ‎Senior Global Online Communications Manager Jeff Gordon, no less.
What Roshan failed to do was cover the IMEI number with a piece of tape and this was spotted by Jeff Gordon.


HTC is starting to ramp up their own advertising prior to the March 25th event which is expected to announce the HTC M8, despite some minor distractions, and it appears to have struck a chord with their new HTC Technical Translations teasers. The first ad saw a HTC engineer give a very technical description of BoomSound, followed by the “average guy” giving us a watered down (read: hilarious) version of that explanation. HTC has followed this up with a second Technical Translations teaser in which the engineer and “average guy” discuss the metal unibody of the HTC M8. The clip reveals that the handset will indeed pack a microSD slot, a feature not present in previous HTC flagship device, check it out:

Now that they’ve covered BoomSound and the metal unibody, I can only assume explaining UltraPixel is next. It’s nice to see HTC adopting a more light-hearted approach to advertising after the slightly confusing campaign that was “Here’s To Change”, and hopefully as March 25th approaches, more of these teasers will continue to amuse us while we wait for the New HTC M8 to arrive.

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Dave Thornton

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