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May 22, 2015

Huawei and Arsenal F.C. team up to teach you how to pronounce their names

huawei pronounce

As a native English speaker, you may struggle with the pronunciation of Huawei. This is an ongoing issue, and the company has addressed the problem with a new instructional video. The video not only shows you how to pronounce Huawei, but several Arsenal players make an appearance.

The coach in the video is named Gordon Friend and he’s from the FFAPS, or “Future Facing Association of Pundits”. He uses swimwear, cheese, and flashcards to teach you how to say these names. Huwaei is an Arsenal sponsor, so they get a quick mention at the end of the video. My favorite part is when Gordon Friend brings out the three pictures of Cher. Give the video a watch and have a laugh.

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Jeremiah Nelson

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