We have been getting a lot of requests lately asking us to review another iPhone 5 battery case so we thought we would start off with this backup battery case from MyTrendyPhone. Before we dive into the review if you love your phone accessories the you will want to check MyTrendyPhone out they have everything you could ever need and keep you up to date with all there latest ranges on Facebook and Google +. With that said lets see what this case has to offer.

Build Quality

The iPhone 5 is no doubt a fantastic handset but a quick Google search and you will see loads of people complaining about the battery life I am lucky to see 6 hours from my handset as I use it quite heavily. That’s where MyTrendyPhones 2800mAh battery case comes in. When I first opened the case I was surprised at how small the case actually was, I was expecting bulky but instead I got lightweight and compact, I mean it does add bulk but you would expect that with any battery case. The case features a front flap cover that feels great and is made from a leather PU material on the outside and a nice soft microfiber inner to prevent it marking your screen. I tested to see if the leather would scratch or mark easy but it holds up really well which is a huge bonus as some PU leather cases seem to tear and scratch to easily. The case itself is made of a solid plastic and leaves all the necessary access to the ports. One thing worth noting is that the headphone jack seems built to fit only Apple made earphones, I’m sure others will fit but don’t expect your Beats etc to work while charging. Unlike some other battery cases we have reviewed the tray isn’t covered in the usual microfiber which worried me but after a solid months use of this device the rear of my handset doesn’t have a mark on it so no need to worry about that. The iPhone slides easily into the case by simply sliding it into the lightning port and clicking the top corners. The rear of the case has an awesome brushed aluminium finish and also comes with a built in kickstand allowing you to watch all your favourite movies etc from the perfect viewing angle. The case is charged via the micro-USB port on the underside of the case and must be charged separately to the phone. To power on the case you just press the power button on the rear and the handy LED lights will let you know how much juice you have left.

Protection and Performance

Protection is priority for me always, even when I’m looking at extended battery cases. Yes I want it to keep my device charged when I’m overusing it but I would prefer it kept my device safe if I dropped it. This case protects the iPhone in every way I could hope for. The solid plastic does its job well, especially on the corners where its reinforced that bit more. The front flap gives it that little bit more protection and If you dropped it you would have a good chance the flap would stay closed unlike some of the battery cases with no flap at all. The battery on this case is great, we tested it over four weeks and only used it when our devices where at 10%. When plugged in this fully recharged our iPhones and gave us more time to play. It functions well as a daily case and when the your battery gets low just simply hit the power button on the back of the case and your phone gets a new lease of life.


If you are looking for a battery case for your iPhone 5 then i would personally look no further. At only £34.60 from MyTrendyPhone  you will not only be keeping your device alive longer it will be protected and still look as good. The only gripe I have with this case is the fact that I couldn’t use other third party headphones but I personally would rather have the battery life.

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