So, if you have an iPhone 5 your probably happy with everything apart from the battery life. Well now you don’t have to worry about your battery running out on those long trips. The Power Jacket is the first of many extended battery cases we are going to see on the market, as there is huge demand for these with the use of streaming services becoming a lot more popular. Due to this we think the Power Jacket will come in very handy.

First impressions of the Power Jacket are great and it comes in both white and black to match both colour options. We opted for the white due to having the white iPhone 5, it looks sleek and feels light which is great as we thought it would have added a load of weight. Another huge positive is that the rear of the case is covered in microfibre which will protect your device from any unwanted scratches. The housing itself encases a 2000mAh battery providing plenty of power when you are on the move. When we tested it, it gave us almost a full charging cycle use which is awesome. On the rear you will find a handy kickstand that can be put to good use when streaming Youtube videos etc.

Fitting the case is as simple as removing any other cases and sliding your iPhone into the case and built in lightning dock. The case itself fits very snug and there is no movement around the case at all. When it is in place you can use your phone as you normally would and when the time comes you just hit the silver button on the front and your device will begin charging. On the front of the case there are handy LED’S to indicate how much battery is left in the Power Jacket. On the bottom of the case you will see cut outs for the speaker, mic, micro USB port and a hole for your headphones. The original Apple earbuds fit perfect but a few of our other headsets didnt fit to well due to the hole size. The micro USB port is really handy as it gives us another option to charge the device as both iPhone and case can be charged at the same time.

If you like the look of this case hit the source link up now. At £34.97 it is a worthwhile investment.

Source – iPhone 5 Batteries


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