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December 22, 2013

Jolla Release Smartphones in Europe


Have you heard of Jolla smartphones, No. well a few engineers who worked for Nokia left to form their own company and wanted to make a different kind of smartphone. Using the MeeGo/Maemo OS, (now called Sailfish OS) that Nokia abandoned for Microsoft’s Windows phone.

Now however having released the Jolla Aloe in Finland they have now decided to throw it out to the rest of Europe.  Available for 399 EUR, £333  the Aloe is capable of running Android apps, although we don’t know if that mean all or selected ones.

The obvious question here is should you buy one?

One question that is not easy to answer. Don’t get me wrong – I love what Jolla is doing, having managed to keep the MeeGo/Maemo OS alive and kicking to make it much better. The engineers have made a beautiful looking smartphone,

However, if you don’t have enough money and need just one device, we couldn’t really suggest getting the Jolla phone over some Android-based product or iPhone, just yet, and that includes  some Windows Phone device. The Jolla guys are doing their best to make Sailfish OS a respectable contender in the market, they don’t have the resources to compete with the likes of Samsung, Google, Apple and Microsoft. Jolla might be a small cog in the scheme of things but we like what Jolla is trying to do. Just releasing the Aloe in Europe is a good move, keeping transport costs down and only dealing within the EU saves time and money.On the other hand, we can’t tell you to buy their phone only to realize that you can’t run all of the apps in a way you wanted.

So you have to see for yourself whether Jolla “has what it takes” to take £333, (400 Euros) out of your pocket look on the Jolla Shop

Or the main site below


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Dave Thornton

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Senior Editor
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