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January 10, 2015

Just got a Windows Phone? Checkout these two camera apps to get you going

Nokia-Camera-App-DownloadNew to WindowsPhone? After spending a few days getting use to a WindowsPhone you will want to start downloading a few apps. Among those you will probably be looking at camera apps that can also edit those photo’s as well.
To start you off we have picked just two, yes two. We could easily have added more but, we find it better giving you a quick starter and not confuse you which would leave you just that, confused.

So lets get started

Camera360 Sight

Not too long ago ― on boxing day ―  we looked at Camera360 Sight, which was so good that I use it most the time now. It takes the original app and gives it a new look without skimping on features.
The app’s navigation is gesture based making moving around Camera360 Sight easy to use and almost effortless. Swipe down at the screen to access your image tools, swipe up for image ratios and tap/hold to pull up focus controls.



If you have a Lumia Windows Phone, you have a multitude of decent alternatives. If you like the control of a DSLR camera or want to have more flexibility in the automatic modes, you will want to take the Windows Phone app ProShot a hard look.
ProShot is billed as the world’s most advanced photography app and the fastest camera on the market. I’m not sure on both counts but, it towards the top of those lists. I’d like to see ProShot add an editor to the mix. Costs £1.69 but there’s a try before you buy option.

-Shutter Speed
-White Balance
-Exposure Compensation
-Aspect Ratio
-AF Assist Lamp
-10X zoom

Drive modes include:
-Burst Shot (up to 8 FPS)
-Intervalometer (for timelapse)
-HDR (High Dynamic Range)

Display features include
-Grid Lines
-3D Level Gauge
-Full HD photo browsing
-EXIF viewer


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Senior Editor
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