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October 29, 2014

Kickstarter project aims to raise $1.8 million to build giant fighting robots

megabots inc

The good people over at MegaBots Inc have a dream, not your average dream tho. They have a vision of making 15-foot tall, 15,000 pound robots that are piloted by humans. It get’s better tho as they don’t want to use them for military reasons, hell no, they want to set up an arena and have the robots battle it out Real Steel style. The robots would be equipped with high powered paint guns as arms and will be controlled by two mere mortals inside that shoot bullets at 120 mph.


This all sounds to awesome to be true right? Well the team has managed to build an upper body prototype consisting of the upper body, arm, gun placement and weapon system all in a few months but to make this dream happen they need financial help. The team has started a Kickstarter campaign to raise a whopping $1.8 million and if it reaches it’s goal they will build two of these awesome robots and have them battle it out to the death.

megabots proto

There are loads of different pledge levels but if your big company who wants to be seen then $10,000 will get your company logo emblazoned on one of these steel warriors or if your just plain filthy rich you can always just buy yourself one for $1 million. We have attached the campaign video below just incase your are not sold yet.

Source – MegaBots, Kickstarter

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