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November 4, 2014

Lets Talk The Walking Dead – Slabtown


So this is the first Let’s Talk The Walking Dead post. Every week I will post my thoughts on the latest episode in hope that we can get some good discussion started.

If you haven’t seen the latest episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead then you won’t want to read this as it contains spoilers.

So without me basically writing about the whole episode let’s talk about the most exciting parts, Beth is confirmed alive and Carol’s appearance at the end.

So in this episode Beth’s great escape from Slabtown doesn’t go to plan when only Noah manages to get away and when it seemed there was no hope none other than Carol appears on a stretcher, unconscious? Or is she?

So is Carol really unconscious or did she plan to get caught? Well here’s my thoughts..

I think Carol had planned to get caught in order to stage a rescue from the inside. I mean it’s Carol we are talking about, she single handedly tore Terminus a new one and rescued Ricks group. She also managed to survive on her own for quite some time after being cast off and also kept our little star Judith alive leading me to believe it was staged.

On the other hand if we think back to last weeks episode Daryl did seem a little upset when Carol’s name was brought up at the end of the episode leading me to think that there is always a possibility that Carol got “Saved” or snatched if you like by the friendly police officers. But I will give Carol credit as she is a prime example of a character that has strength when you least expect it.

Daryl Dixon Walking Dead

So who was in the bushes then when Daryl says “come on out”???? It’s looking more than likely to be Noah now if you ask me, leading me to believe this weeks episode happened before last weeks. I believe Daryl and Carol had followed the car tot the hospital where they met Noah after he escaped. Whats your thoughts?

Beth’s whole kidnapping makes this theory totally plausible as her timeline while missing is not exactly clear. Was she unconscious for weeks or months in Slabtown while the rest of the group carried on or was she up-to something else?? It is worth remembering that it was only a weeks calendar time between Beth disappearing until the day Rick dealt with the hunters and Daryl returned to the church.

So if I have totally lost you with that in summary I believe that Carol has been caught on purpose after meeting Noah and hearing his story while Daryl and Noah return to get the reinforcements. Dawn isn’t going to know what’s hit her when Carol wakes up and cavalry rolls into town.

So let me know what you think, I’d love to hear your version.

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