iPhone 5 wireless sleeve

In the video below we show you the iPhone 5 wireless Qi charging case from MobileSolarChargers that allows your iPhone to charge wirelessly. Wht would would want to charge like this I hear you ask. Well if like me you have a busy lifestyle and you need your phone beside you at all times and on charge incase you need to pop out, well wouldnt it be so much easier if you could just pick the phone up and go rather than footer with taking the lightning cable in and out. Well with this kit all you have to do is place your phone on top of the pad and it will charge, if you get a call and want to step out for a minute just pick it up take the call then when you return just put your device back on the pad. Wireless charging is becoming more popular these days with most new devices offering the technology so get on board now. If you like what you see hit up the source link under the video to purchase. if you would like to win this then subscribe to our YouTube channel and leave a comment winner will be selected at the end of the month.

Source – MobileSolarChargers

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