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April 17, 2013

Microsoft Hotmail app upgrading to Outlook


On the Google Play Store, Hotmail app (v.  announces that it will upgrade to

While Hotmail as a average rating of 4.1, the same cannot be said of Outlook that as a rating of 2.1. With most of the reviews complaining of:

1) Can only access one account, this it seems is a common problem
2) Text too big, another common problem
3) Will not authenticate unless I add my phone info


These are the three most commonest faults logged in the review section.
But getting a second account is relatively easy.  View picture below and you will see a up Arrow arrow at the top of the screen, touch this and you will see Add Account.


It seems that Microsoft have a lot of work to do.

Forcing users to update to Outlook is a bad move causing very bad feeling among Hotmail users.

“It is an honor to be working with Microsoft once again,” said Ross Bott, President and CEO of SEVEN Networks. “The prior Android app, developed by SEVEN, was incredibly successful with millions of downloads and very high user ratings. We’re confident that the Android community will be equally as excited about the new app.”

“We’ve had a long relationship with SEVEN Networks, the company has embraced the design principles and combined that with its own technology to deliver a very high-performance app. This combination will result in a great email experience for users,” said Eduardo Indacochea of Microsoft.

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Senior Editor
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