Windows-Phone-8-logoMicrosoft have released a new Gestures Beta app (link below) which is available today for Lumia Windows Phone owners. Microsoft canceled its update plans and is now providing some of the gestures as a separate download. It gives you control over phone calls, in four ways. Installing the app is simple enough then you’ll be asked to reboot your phone. Goto apps screen and scroll to Gestures-Beta app and open it.


Four options are available:

  • Placing the phone face down – Silence incoming calls,
  • Answer incoming calls – when placing phone to your ear,
  • Toggle speaker mode during a call –  when you place it to your ear or, on a surface,
  • Mute microphone – when I place phone face down on a surface during a call.

Microsoft notes some of them will be limited on the Lumia 630, Lumia 635, and Lumia 530. Works with WP8 and 8.1
One of the more interesting features that surfaced during the original 3D Touch reports was Mix View. This feature would allow you to manipulate your phone’s Live Tiles without touching the display. Hover your finger over a contact tile, for example, and mini-tiles would explode out with options for calling, SMS, email, and Skype.

New Gestures

But here’s what Lumia owners can now do, according to Microsoft’s explanation of the new app.


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Senior Editor
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