Nowadays most people use the navigation built into their mobile devices while driving in the car as they are just as good as any Sat Nav out there. This is where car mounts come in handy and like most people I have tried loads and never found one that is perfect for all my devices as well as future proof.

Enter the Montar car mount – a universal window and dashboard mount for your smart phone or GPS unit. The Montar not only looks great it just works and manages to deliver where all other car mounts have failed.

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Build Quality and Features

The Montar is made from hard plastic and looks great but the Montar’s main feature is it’s suction cup. The suction cup itself is US patented and after playing with it for 5 minutes I can see why they went to the trouble of slapping a patent on it. Unlike all the other suction cups I have used in the past this one is coated in a sticky film but fear not it won’t leave any mess behind and if it get’s dirty you can actually wash it and it will return to it’s sticky self.

The suction cup is just genius, like magic it will stick to any surface in the car like the dash or window and remain very sturdy. For additional support there is a little clip you lift or close when applying and removing that again gives the mount even more stability. Removing the mount is unexpectedly very easy, I say this as it was so secure i was sure I would need to pry it off my windshield but it’s as easy as lifting the clip and peeling off.

The Montar will hold any device with a screen size up to 5.3-inches wide and features nice secure rubber grips that not only hold the device in place but enure your device remains scratch free while in the mount. The strong spring loaded arm can be rotated a full 360 degrees ensuring you can have the viewing angle you require, the mount also leaves you access to all your ports ensuring you can charge your device if you need which will come in handy when using navigation.


I don’t feel that this review will justify how good this car mount actually is, the Montar car mount is the perfect example of a company just doing a product right by focusing on the little things that actually matter to the consumer . The fact that I can attach all my devices to it without having to swap it out with another one is just awesome, my phone’s always fit snug and never move from the position they are placed in even when on bumpy back roads. So if you are looking for a car mount that just works and looks good doing it look no further, you can pick one up now from Amazon for only £19.99.


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