I have always been a fan of flip covers for my iPhone as they seem to offer a great balance of style and protection. One thing that does bug me about flip covers tho is the constant opening and closing to answer calls or to check the time but it seems Moshi have came to the rescue again with their new sensecover for iPhone 5 and 5s.

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The case itself looks amazing especially in the gunmetal colour we have chosen to review. As you can see from the picture above this is no ordinary hardshell flip case as it features a window and a touch sensitive swipe panel along the bottom that comes in very handy. These new pads are known as SensArray and they essentially allow you swipe to answer incoming calls or cancel alarms without having to open that case up. This awesome new feature paired with the window for seeing caller id and other information makes this the best flip case I have ever owned to date.

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I have been using this case for many weeks now and put the pads through plenty of testing and I must say that I have never had to swipe them more than once to answer a call or turn my alarm off in the morning. The rest of the case feels and looks great and offers plenty of protection for your precious device. Moshi have even included a rear screen guard to keep the rear of your device protected while in the tray. Another feature of this case that I have grown to love is the magnetic locking system that just snaps into place with ease when you close the folio over, its a simple system but it keeps the case looking sleek and stylish.

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If you have never tried a folio case before then there is no better time than now. You will not be disappointed with the sensecover as it offers unique features and awesome styling and also offers great protection. In my honest opinion Moshi has created one awesome case and at the price of ¬£29.99 from MobileFun you can’t go wrong. If you have this case already let us know what you think below.

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