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November 16, 2014

All-New Captain America #1 Review

So this is the first comic book review we have done and what better way to start than with the All-New Captain America. Issue #1 went on sale Wednesday November 12th and I have finally had a chance to to give it a read and I would love to share my thoughts on it.


With Steve Rogers out of commission the only option left was for another hero to take up the mantle of Captain America. His replacement is none other than Sam Wilson formerly known as the Caps’s sidekick The Falcon. If you are a huge Captain America fan then you will know how awesome the partnership of Captain America and The Falcon was if not you could compare it to the likes of Batman and Robin. The big question on everyones mind tho is can he throw a shield like a BOSS???

The replacement of Captain America with Sam Wilson is a huge deal and the media certainly tried hype it over the past few months so I am hoping that a load of comic book fans made the wise decision in checking this issue out. As always Rick Remender delivers in this issue with a great introduction to our new hero.

If you haven’t read previous Cap comics then you need not worry as Remender with the help of Stuart Immonen’s art team writes a clear and easily accessible comic about the All-New Captain America’s fight against Hydra. The result is one awesome action packed comic. As you would expect from a solid superhero comic like Captain America there is no need for any crazy moments as it is just filled full of solid superhero action.


Issue number one takes us on the mission to rescue a mysterious young boy from HYDRA and his team of agents but the main focus is primarily on how well the new Cap takes on the role. As you would expect from HYDRA he is holding the boy in a secret underground lair and it’s on Sam to save him. Armed with the signature shield and of course his own iconic wings, he invades the base with fights breaking out both in the air and on land. The art from Immonen and his team is just perfect and comics don’t really get more action packed than this.

As Sam smashes his way through HYDRA’s agents with crazy death defying stunts in what we expect to be the highlight of the issue, the bar gets raised again with the introduction of Sam’s new sidekick Nomad and villain Batroc ze Leaper. It is worth noting that both are very welcome additions to this awesome issue.

I cannot praise the pencil work of Immonen enough, the new Cap swoops, punches and throws that shield like he has always had one. Immonen’s is certainly one of Marvel’s top talents and he is what will make this comic so important. Let’s not forget the awesome coloring by¬†Gracia and Navarro who do a wonderful job of making the new Cap’s outfit glow on every page.


The All-New Captain America #1 is a great starting issue with Remender making it easy to follow by starting it off nice and simple. With Sam Wilson not wasting any time getting into the action we learn of his differences to Steve rogers and that will really make this new series great going forward. Marvel has certainly stuck it’s head out with the new Captain America but if it continues like this we are in for a treat.


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