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May 25, 2015

New Google Photos app leaks out ahead of Google I/O 2015

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Google I/O is right around the corner. We ran down everything we expect to see, but Android Police has a leg up and already got their hands on something new that will be announced this week. Google is rolling out a new Photos app that will break your photos free from Google+ and make them available in stand alone app and service. This is exciting.

The new app is all Material Design, of course. The new Photos app will let you back up pictures automatically, as well as search for people and animals within a photo. You can sort pics by day or month and there’s a new “comfortable view” that presents your photos in grid, kind of like they are presented now in Google+. Auto Awesome has been replaced with a new Assistant feature that still makes Auto Awesome photos and stories, and also lets you create things like collages.

The new app looks great. Head over to Android Police and check out their full run down of the new Photos app.

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Jeremiah Nelson

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