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June 1, 2015

Next Nintendo console could be running on Android


Here’s an interesting rumor to start the week. According to Japanese website Nikkei, the next Nintendo console could be powered by Android. Nintendo is calling their next console ‘NX’ internally. That’s not likely to be the official name when the device launches. Whatever the name, the console could be running on some version of Android.

Nikkei has a pretty decent track record with these types of rumors. According to the website’s source, Nintendo is looking at Android as a platform because it will be easier to get third-party game developers on board. Nintendo apparently wants devs to be able to write games for multiple platforms with ease. They also want to be able to port games to Android and make them available for all of the Android hardware out there. This isn’t just about Nintendo’s new hardware. That doesn’t mean that Nintendo is going all out with Google, however.

Nintendo may build their own skin on Android. They are unlikely to get their new console certified with Google to ship with the Google Play Store installed. It would be more like Amazon’s Fire OS than an official version of Android. This is just a rumor, so we don’t know for sure.

Android gaming consoles haven’t worked out well in the recent past. OUYA is looking for someone to buy the company because they can’t make money. NVIDIA hasn’t been able to get Android gaming to take off, either. Maybe Nintendo and their new NX console will be able to change that.

Source: Nikkei

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