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February 17, 2016

O2 has today announced two new ways for its customers to get more data – whatever tariff they are on

640_o2-logoO2 today announces two new ways for its customers to get more data, whatever tariff they’re on.

· O2 sim-ply gives customers even more data

· O2’s extra data Bolt Ons now rollover, giving customers more time to use their data – whatever their tariff

· O2 sim only customers to get 50% extra data on selected Pay & Go, Pay Monthly and Mobile Broadband sims

From today, all O2’s extra data Bolt Ons will rollover any unused data to the following month. This means any customer who buys one of the Bolt Ons, which give between 100MB and 2GB of extra data, will be able to use it fully even if their monthly bundle of minutes, texts and data resets before it’s used. Already great for customers who want to have extra data when they need it the most, O2’s extra data Bolt Ons now make it even easier to stay in control of your data use.

It’s data time

Meanwhile, throughout February and March O2 is offering 50% extra data to customers who take one of a range of selected Pay & Go, Pay Monthly, and Mobile Broadband tariffs, whether they’re new customers joining O2 or existing customers upgrading their tariff. O2’s offer can see customers get up to 5GB extra data per month for no additional cost. And with both 30 day and 12 month Pay Monthly tariffs included in the offer, as well as O2’s Big Bundles Pay & Go tariff, wanting extra data doesn’t mean having less flexibility.

“Our customers have told us how much they value having complete control of their data, including Bolt Ons, so we’re proud to keep giving them more with O2,” said Nina Bibby, O2’s Consumer and Marketing Director. “By bringing our customers more data, we want to make sure they can browse, update and share whenever they like.”

Rollover MB

O2 offers Pay Monthly customers a range of extra data Bolt Ons, giving the ability to add between 100MB and 2GB to their data bundle if their data runs low. From today, any data left in their Bolt On at their billing period will rollover into their next month’s bundle.

For example, a customer who buys an additional 1GB data but only uses 500MB before the end of their billing period will get the leftover 500MB added to their next month’s data bundle, benefitting from all the data they’ve bought – no matter when it’s used.

See full news here including:
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