The bluetooth speaker market is a bloated one. They are pretty much all the same too, offering bluetooth connection, and are normally a oblong shape. The only difference appears to be the price, but I found from Olixar a different way of getting music into your home. The Lights Beat bulb has a slightly different take on the bluetooth speaker, by shoving the components into a light bulb.


The bulb comes with both a bayonet and screw connector, so it will work with anything. There are no controls, or charging ports, just a clean bulb look. The bulb itself comes with a 3W LED bulb and when turned on provides a substantial amount of light and was able to fill a room. The grill at the top of the bulb is where the sound comes out.

There isn’t much else to mention about the bulb, it looks like a regular bulb.


This has to be one of the simplest bluetooth speakers I have ever used. Screw in the bulb and turn on the light switch that’s it, then you can connect to it on your phone. But there is a slight disadvantage, the light has to be on to listen to music. So in the middle of the day, your light will have to be on in order to play some tracks in the living room.

There are no fiddly controls, its all done through your phone. The speaker is quite small and positioned straight down, so the sound volume isn’t great. Sitting under or near it, is great and the music sounds great. But when away in another room, or talking in the corner, the sound does become quite difficult to hear.


  • All-in-one light bulb and speaker
  • 3W LED for a comfortable bright, energy efficient light
  • Built-in 3W amplifier and speaker
  • Bluetooth 4.0 for clear wireless music playback
  • Connect your smartphone, tablet or laptop

For £30 this a nice little addition to your home. I can see it working great on a desk lamp perhaps.

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