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July 9, 2015

Public Beta of OS X El Capitan Now Available


Apple just released the first public beta of its newest OS X update called “El Capitan”. This latest version of the OS mostly refines last year’s Yosemite update, but it also introduces some small but useful new features.

For example, to help you find your cursor on the screen more easily, you just have to move it really fast and it will appear larger for a few seconds so you can see it.

Apps also open faster than in Yosemite. To be exact, 1.4x faster according to Apple.

Spotlight also received an update with the new OS version, giving you more control over the size of its search panel, and being able to use a more natural language while searching for emails, weather, calendar events, etc.

You can sign up for the Apple Beta Software Program here and download the beta version of El Capitan to try it out.


Source: Apple

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