If you have an old TV that just isn’t up to par with the latest smart TV’s with streaming media services then the Roku LT could be the device you are looking for. Priced at only £50 the tiny purple and black box will make a great addition to your living room. The box is so small it can fit in the palm of your hand so finding a space for it underneath your TV will not be a problem and we are sure the LT will squeeze in somewhere.


The Roku LT is a tiny square box with curved edges measuring only 84x84x23mm and weighs in at just 85g. Taking a look around the back of the LT you will notice that there’s a power socket, A/V line out and an HDMI port, nothing more to be seen here. As you wuill notice there is no Ethernet slot so if your WiFi signal is terrible then this could be a potential problem but the layout is nice and simple and we love it.

The box has no power switch so unless you want to pull the plug the device remains on at all times so if your a mean green machine who is out to save the planet you may be angered by this but having no on/off button keeps things simple. The box itself doesn’t use much power anyway, a maximum of 2W is used even when streaming at it’s maximum 720p HD video which when comparing to other devices out there is pretty good and Roku claims that it draws as much power as a nightlight so don’t panic to much. The box comes with a remote control that keeps the same slim and minimalist styling with only a handful of buttons to be pressed. Other items in the box include batteries for the remote and a cable for connecting the LT to the RCA sockets on your TV but unfortunately no HDMI cable is supplied. It isn’t that big of a deal as HDMI cables can be picked up for as little as £2 these days.

Specification Highlights

  • 300+ channels with movies, TV shows, music, sports & more
  • High-definition streaming up to 720p HD
  • Works with virtually any TV
  • Built-in wireless (Wi-Fi b/g/n)
  • Smaller and more energy-efficient than any other streaming device

Performance and Features

Setup is fairly easy but you will need to access an inter browser either on your phone or laptop/PC. During setup the Roku box gives you a code that you have to enter on Roku’s site in order to register your box. You are also required to enter payment details although you are not charged anything this is simply incase you wish to take advantage of the pay-per-view services offered.

The Roku LT only supports 720p video but at £50 you can hardly complain as for 1080p playback your lucking at the next model up costing double so the compromise is worth it. Setup is very easy and we have a video below showing you a full overview of the user interface. It seems Roku have just tried to make everything simple with the LT from the design to the user interface. Once your all setup there are loads of channels you can choose from some are free and some are subscription based but it saves you from being tied into a full package from other providers. I will take you through the channels on the video below but most of the big players are here like Netflix, iPlayer and Now TV and the channels just keep growing. If its music you love then you will be happy to know addons like Spotify and Vevo are also present. Facebook lovers can access there friends media and pictures through the Facebook App but you cant post or view comments. There are 100s of channels to choose from and there is definitely something for everyone.


In conclusion the Roku LT is one of the cheapest internet streaming devices we have seen and you get a lot of tech for your money, so this makes the LT a strong contender. The setup is fairly straightforward and the user interface is definitely beginner friendly. If you don’t have a smart TV and don’t fancy paying for one then this little box is worth a look. As we mentioned above we thought the fact that it had no Ethernet port would make it hard for those with poor connection to stream but we tested it in a house that received on 2mb and it streamed fine so don’t worry to much about that comment. If you are looking to buy one the you can buy direct from Roku.

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