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March 30, 2013

Rumored BlackBerry 2013 Roadmap Creates More Excitement

BB10 Roadmap

Now that the Z10 is out and the Q10 is on its way, a lot of people have asked what’s next for BlackBerry. There has been talk about new BB10 tablets, mid-level devices, a new flagship phone, and even the possibility of a QWERTY slider. This talk has brought about an intriguing image of a possible 2013 roadmap for BlackBerry (which can be seen above). This image, however, was released on a new random twitter account and must be taken lightly. But, we will still look it over and dream of what the future may hold for BB10 devices.

Let’s start with the B10 L. It looks a lot like a tablet. There are rumors that Sprint may be getting a touchscreen device – since they passed on the Z10. Could this be that device? Then there’s the U10. I would say that it looks similar to the “phablets” that are currently on the market. There are rumors about a mystery phone – the Aristo – that would sport a 4.65” display. Could this be it? Maybe. But I would think that if BlackBerry was going to release a phablet then it would want to approach something on the order of a 5” screen instead. Then, we finally come to the R10. This may very well be the mid-level Curve-style phone that Thorsten Heins had mentioned in an interview with c|net.

I must say, even if this image is made up, it’s stirring up a lot of people. This is great for BlackBerry. The more people who can get excited for BlackBerry 10, the better. What do you think about the image? Even better, what types of devices would you like to see from BlackBerry in the coming year?

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