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March 26, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will arrive in April and cost more than the iPad mini


Samsung s Galaxy Note 8 tablet has been given a UK release date and pricing, although it isn’t all good news. Samsung’s 8-inch iPad mini rival has been given a pre-registraion page by Carphone Warehouse and an expected release date of April 2013. Carphone Warehouse have held off at present on pricing details but UK tech retailer Handtec lists the 16GB Wi-Fi only version for £371.99.

As i said it wasn’t all good news the price may put gadget llovers off as the Google Nexus 7 tablet starts at only £159 and has similiar specs. This move by Samsung also makes there new quad-core tablet more expensive than the iPad mini which costs only £269 and even that has been critised for it’s high pricing. If you havent seen what the Note 8.0 has to offer be sure to check our coverage from MWC.

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