After browsing through for some S4 cases to review the one that really caught my attention was the Slim Armor case from Spigen SGP. The reason it was able to stand out was it’s sheer awesome appearance and the range of colours it came in, but will it’s performance as a protector for my Samsung Galaxy S4 be as good? Read on to find out.


The Slim Armor case is made up from two layers similar to other premium cases like the Otterbox range: there is am inner rubberized TPU and an outer solid polycarbonate shell. These two layers can be taking apart easily when applying the case but with the two pieces together putting the case on causes no toruble at all, infact that’s the way I would recommend applying it. The inner part of the case has a special pattern inside designed to aid with shock absorbing as well as a stamp of approval and authenticity from Spigen SGP. When on your S4 the case looks awesome and really transforms the appearence of your already awesome looking S4.

With the case in place all function of the S4 are still in place with the volume rocker and power button being covered over and raised by the inner layer. This allows easy pressing of both while providing some nice grip when you are holding the device. The cutouts for the 3.5mm jack, micro-USB, microphone, IR Blaster and noise cancelling microphone are all present as well. The rear plastic shell of the case features a cutout for the speaker and camera/flash and don’t interfere with the performance of these. Other than that the rear of the case features the SLIMARMOR logo that maintains the minimalist style of the case.


Protection with this case is nothing less than fantastic. Starting with the front of the device the raised lip around the bezel ensures that you can lay your device flat on a table etc and you wont have to worry about that beautiful screen getting scratched but you should note that it isn’t as raised as some other cases but this helps maintain the slim profile.. The two piece design ensures that all aspects of your device are protected during daily usage. The rear polycarbonate shell will withstand a lot of damage and coupled with the tough inner TPU shell you can be sure that your device will be safe from any accidental drops.

I have been using this case daily for a good few weeks now and one thing I always look for in a case is if it allows for different headphones to be used. The reason I look for this is because there are so many different types of headphone’s that feature different connection types and you will be happy to know that every headphone I tested fitted with no problems at all. Another strong point of this case and you may think this sounds crazy but having used Otterbox a lot I notice that the inner TPU used on these cases tend to stick in my pocket and pick up a lot of dirt and lint from my pockets but this case didn’t have that problem. I was able to easily slide it in and out with no problems at all. With the case Spigen have included 3 Jelly home buttons that you can stick to your home button to achieve a more raised grippy feel. I used this for a while but found that not using it was just as easy and wasn’t digging the look but that’s not to say you won’t so you can make up your own mind.


Overall I think this case is awesome and really worth a look. The case comes from a company well known for creating awesome cases and they certainly have not let themselves down with the Slim Armor case. It features a slim form factor that doesn’t overwhelm while still providing awesome amounts of protection so what’s not to like? The case is very reasonably priced at £19.99 and can be picked up from LoveCases along with loads of other S4 cases.

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