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July 10, 2013

Samsung offers $4 million bounty for would be Tizen developers


Samsung is trying to entice developers towards its Tizen mobile OS by offering over $4 million of prizes. If winning money sounds good to you and you love a bit of developing then you could bag yourself an awesome prize. Games take up the largest piece of the cake with the top title walking away with $200K out of the category’s $340K. IG games are not your thing then don’t worry the winning non-game application can take home a cool $120K, so if social, music apps etc are your thing then this could be enough yo tempt you over. If HTML 5 is your thing the 5 best apps in this category take away $50K each. This type of prize giving isn’t new but if your looking for a payout its certainly worth a try.

Source – Tizen Developers

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