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December 30, 2013

Samsung’s new chip could put a massive 4GB of RAM in future smartphones


When Samsung released the Galaxy Note 3 we were all pretty excited about the possibilities of having 3GB of RAM in a smartphone but it appears this was only the beginning. Samsung has unveiled the first 8-gigabit (1GB) low-power DDR4 memory chip. This chip could ultimately lead to us seeing a smartphone with 4GB of RAM in a multi-layered, mobile-sized package. With the boost to the higher-bandwith (3.1Gbps) DDR standard we should also see a speed boost of up to 50% over the existing DDR3 chipsets. But fear not as that boost doesn’t mean poorer battery as the new chips use 40% less power as well so overall it sounds pretty awesome. Samsung is looking to start production sometime in 2014 and the new technology is set to feature in laptops, smartphones and tablets with Ultra HD displays, this makes sense as all those extra pixels need a lot of extra power.

Source – Samsung Tommorow Global

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