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February 13, 2013

Sega’s After Burner Climax will soon be turning and burning on iOS


I remember going to my favorite swimming pool on a Saturday morning with my big brother and our friends. Afterwards we would hit the cafe upstairs for some food and to drop a few 20p pieces on the pool table and arcade machines.

We all had and still have our favorites, but my first port of call was always After Burner. At the time the graphics were awesome, the soundtrack was awesome and the game play was awesome. So yea its was over all a pretty awesome game.

In 2006, After Burner Climax was released as an update of the popular old-school arcade game. It arrived in arcades upon first release and was later ported over to Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network.
Now, Sega have announced it’s bringing the game to iOS. There’s no release date yet, as Sega has simply said that the game is “on the way.” When it does glide over to iOS screens, users will be able to pull off all of the high-flying action and bombing runs that After Burner Climax has to offer.

 photo 1181241628106_zps666e3fc8.jpg

It’s exciting to see a game like this get ported — retro games are one thing, but as Apple’s devices get more powerful, the obvious trend would be to see more high-end games hit the “small” screens.

It’s one thing to be playing a new game on your phone or tablet etc but there is something special and heart warming about playing your old favorites that were meant for high-end dedicated arcade machines on a hand held device.

What’s your favorite old school arcade games?

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